Upright Row Muscles Worked Guide


One of the best exercises for developing the back and shoulders’ muscles is the upright row. The ideal form is necessary for the greatest results and helps to prevent injury, but it is also possibly harmful for the shoulders. Include upright rows in a full day of upper body or shoulder exercise. Muscles Worked: The … Read more

Dips Muscles Worked Guide


Dips are an activity that, depending on the type of training you perform, can be easily overlooked but are a terrific complement to your chest, shoulders, and arm day routines. There is always a piece of equipment around that you can use to incorporate dips into any exercise regimen, whether you are in a gym, … Read more

Push Ups Muscles Worked Guide


The push-up has remained one of the best bodyweight exercises for targeting upper body muscles since the invention of modern strength training. This crucial exercise is still a mainstay in the workout routines of athletes, casual gym visitors, bodybuilders, and even people who are healing from specific injuries. The push-up is a common exercise, but … Read more