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#FASuccess Ep 080: Navigating The Path From High Volume Insurance Agent To Focused Financial Planner with Matthew Blocki

#FASuccess Ep 080: Navigating The Path From High Volume Insurance Agent To Focused Financial Planner with Matthew Blocki

Welcome, everyone! Welcome to the 80th episode of the Financial Advisor Success Podcast!

My guest on today’s podcast is Matthew Blocki. Matthew is a 30-year-old financial advisor with a niche practice of serving physicians and retirees, and has grown to nearly $70M in AUM and $800k of revenue in just 8 years.

What’s unique about Matthew, though, is that he’s built his financial-planning-centric practice by starting out as a major life insurance company – Northwestern Mutual – and has quickly evolved his business from starting out with nearly 100 transactional insurance clients per year, to a hyperfocused practice that’s aiming to grow now with just 15 affluent clients per year instead.

In this episode, Matthew talks in detail about how he got started and survived in the early years by trying to focus on engaging in the “right” activity from the start, the networks he tapped out of the gate just to get some initial traction, the way he leveraged LinkedIn to expand his network to reach new prospects, and how he learned the importance of being “professionally persistent” and always following up with prospects at least 3 times before giving up.

We also talk about the way Matthew differentiated himself as a 20-something advisor working with retirees, and how that evolved into two niches working with retirees and young physicians, the unique and “non-traditional” advice services he provides to his young doctor clients in particular to distinguish himself and build a connection, and why it’s so important to not just offer what we traditionally consider financial planning services to clients, but what it is that they’re really truly stressed about that keeps them up at night.

And be certain to listen to the end, where Matthew talks about how having coaches and finding mentors has helped to shape his career in the early years, the importance of learning about and knowing yourself to find your own strengths, and why you only have to be slightly better than the competition to come out exponentially ahead in your business.

So whether you are interested in learning more transitioning from a broad transactional business to a hyperfocused advisory niche, how LinkedIn can be used to expand your network and reach out to new prospects, or how a 20-something advisor can build a niche working with physicians and retirees, I hope you enjoy this episode of the Financial Advisor Success podcast!

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