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16 simple tricks that will motivate you to work out in the morning

16 simple tricks that will motivate you to work out in the morning


  • Working out in the morning is an ideal way to start the day, since it gives you energy.
  • But getting out of bed before the sun comes up is challenging, even for die-hard gym lovers.
  • Some tips to help you do so include packing your bag the night before, scheduling a class, and creating a good workout playlist.

Though experts would agree that the
best time of day to work out is any time you’ll actually commit to doing it, plenty of people love to get their fitness on first thing in the morning.

After all, few things feel better than crushing a workout before you’ve even answered a single work email A.M. workouts provide all the energy you need to tackle your day, and it certainly feels fantastic when you’re done.

But when your alarm goes off, and you’re cozied up under the covers, it can feel downright impossible to get up and grab those gym clothes.

Fear not: There are tons of tips to help you become a morning workout person These tips are easy and painless — though we can’t guarantee that your workout will be.

Treat yourself to great workout gear.

Whether you’re starting a new routine or have been a longtime fitness devotee, it’s hard to feel excited about sweating when you’re doing it in a ratty old college tee and stretchy pants covered in holes and stains. Treating yourself to new workout clothes that you love will no doubt help motivate you to actually wear them, because you’ll feel comfortable and confident in clothes that make you feel good.

There’s no shortage of great options out there for all genders, body types, and activities, so take the time to search for new yoga pants that make you feel amazing or those sneakers that make it seem like you’re walking on a cloud.

Set your clothes and gym bag out the night before.

Now that you’ve got killer gear, make things easier on yourself in the wee hours by preparing your gym bag the night before. It’ll save you time and allow you to sleep for a few precious extra minutes. Laying out your entire outfit and keeping your gym bag stocked by the door eliminates any excuses and will help you stay organized.

Make sure your gym bag is filled with all the essentials, too. Include a fresh set of clothes, a few plastic bags for any sweaty post-workout items, any toiletries, and plenty of cleansing wipes if you’re on-the-go.

Wear your gym clothes to sleep.

If setting your clothes out still doesn’t motivate you, pros recommend simply sleeping in your athletic gear. This way, there truly are no excuses,  because when you wake up, you’re already workout ready.

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